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Brickell Funeral Home

350 East Highway 49
Marvell, AR 72366
(870) 829-2515
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Morrow Funeral Home

1353 West Main
Marvell, AR 72366
(870) 829-3241
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Progressive Funeral Parlor

1353 West Main
Marvell, AR 72366
(870) 829-3241
Progressive Funeral Parlor funeral flowers

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Farewell to ABC broadcaster and journalist Mark Colvin, the voice of tea time - The Sydney Morning Herald

Monday, June 19, 2017

NewsletterGet the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox.The sound of Rod Stewart and the Pretenders welcomed the crowd. Beneath an image of his post-death tweet "It's all been bloody marvellous", his oldest son Nicholas sang the Beatles' Across the Universe while his youngest, William, performed Pulp's Disco 2000. Mark Colvin's son Nicholas performs at his father's public memorial service on Monday.  Photo: AAPmeta itemprop="

An Amateur Undertaking in Australian Mining Town With No Funeral Home - New York Times

Monday, July 18, 2016

Mrs. Van Emmerik, the group’s secretary, had leapt to her feet “and taken the miner out” who hit him.“She was a marvellous woman,” he said.Mr. Woodcock, known as Woody, had in 1996 raised $33,000 to build a morgue, a sparse three-room building with a linoleum floor, where a dozen silver-handled coffins stand upright in two rows.Interactive Feature Today’s Headlines: Asia Edition Get news and analysis from Asia and around the world delivered to your inbox every day in the Asian morning.There is an air conditioner, a shower, three narrow steel trolleys to carry bodies and a refrigerator, which once stored beer for the local Lions club. Now it sometimes holds club members.Mr. Woodcock learned the trade from a friend who ran a funeral home closer to Sydney.“I did a beautician’s course and can do hair and makeup,” he said. “That was important for one burial. The children wanted their mother to look nice.”There is no embalming service.Helen Stewart-Crawford, 79, the service’s secretary, takes information like date and place of birth, and names and ages of family members for the government records office.“Woody deals with people who are insane with fury or anger or sorrow,” she said. “He is a very good listener.”If a minister cannot officiate, sometimes Mr. Woodcock’s wife, Yvonne, 73, does.One of the town’s doctors or police officers certifies the death. When there is doubt over the cause, the body is sent to a coroner in Newcastle, 420 miles to the southeast.The undertakers charge about $2,600 for a complete service, including $600 for the cemetery plot and gravedigger.“It costs a lot of money to set up the infrastructure to run a funeral business,” said G

Family opens up about pregnant woman's shooting death - Toronto Star

Monday, July 04, 2016

It was always touch and go,” Bobb’s mother, Jackie Weir, said in a lengthy interview, her first since Bobb’s death. “He had good days and he had bad days.”Bobb’s family seized each day. They marvelled at his head of hair and perfect tiny hands and feet. They felt his astonishingly soft skin. They gave him a name that means “the lord.”“He had such a tough battle,” said Weir. “We wanted him to have a strong name.”They introduced him to his brothers, Bobb’s sons aged 12 and 16. The youngest was especially excited, eager to become an older sibling. “If you ever need anything,” he joked to his baby brother during one visit, “call me.”But Kyrie’s bad days worsened and his odds of survival plummeted. On June 5, as the city was pummeled by a vicious spring downpour, relatives congregated at Kyrie’s hospital room, knowing he had just hours to live.Together they held him, prayed for him, sang “Jesus Loves Me.” And Kyrie died as his mother lived, supported by family and surrounded by love.***Just before 11 p.m. on Sunday, May 15, Bobb was part of a group returning from a recreational basketball game in Scarborough, among them her boyfriend, who is Kyrie’s father, his cousin and a teammate.As the car stopped near north Etobicoke’s Jamestown Cres. and John Garland Blvd. to let out a passenger, the vehicle was suddenly hit by a stream of bullets. Sitting in the back seat, Bobb was the only occupant hit.The driver raced toward Etobicoke General Hospital, where doctors performed the emergency caesarean section. Bobb, 33, was pronounced dead.Her aunt Natasha was the first to get the news among Bobb’s sprawling family, which includes her parents, five siblings and a network of aunts, uncles and cousins.Just eight years between them, Bobb and Natasha had grown up together, and Natasha was one of Bobb’s best friends. After learning she was pregnant, Bobb sent Natasha a photo of her positive pregnancy test. She asked her to be her baby’s godmother.(Bobb’s two surviving children now live with Natasha. Out of concern for their safety and privacy, she has asked that her last name and the boys’ names not be published.)One day before she died, Bobb texted Natasha a screenshot of the list of games she hoped to play at her upcoming baby shower. A meticulous planner, she had already chosen colours for the nursery, filled a drawer with baby clothes and framed a photo of

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